Our Approach Together we can make a difference


Our Approach

At Rakshak we work on the basis of the Need Based Approach. When we identify a need in the community, we reach out and mobilize resources, skills and people to help us in our mission. We believe that the needs of the little ones in the community must not in any way be neglected or undermined. If we help the younger generation gain a foothold in the society, we believe that it could create a huge impact.

Identify the Issue
The first step is to identify the issue or the need. At Rakshak we don’t just decide what is best for the children or determine what their needs are, but we interact and find out their needs and then set about the task of addressing it.

Mobilize the Community
After the issue has been identified, we mobilize the community. We mobilize volunteers and funds that could aid in solving the issue.

Involve the Corporate World
We involve the corporate part of the society so that the needed resources can be mobilized and also because we believe that social change can be brought about only when it is a combined effort of the NGO, corporates and the community.

Partner with other NGO’s
We’ve come to realize over the years that “Two is better than one”, especially when it comes to working for a social cause. Therefore, we also partner with other NGO’s so we could discuss and deliberate as well as come up with solutions and ideas that would cater best to the problem at hand.